Tips To Improve Your OOH Branding In UAE

Believe it or not – OOH Campaigns are still in business paying off brands with amazing market presence & loyal customers. And not to mention, it’s going to stay in business in the years to come.

OOH Campaigns may see technology & implementation change but the demand of OOH branding would be “EVERGREEN”.


Out Of Home (OOH)  is one of the most poignant ways to get your brand noticed. Since the age-old days of advertising, OOH marketing has played a key role in the future of a brand. However, outdoor advertising has taken a spin towards the better with the incorporation of newer technologies. Thus gone are the days where you just had to rely on OOH for an advertising campaign.

Digital Out of Home advertising (DOOH) has transformed the perception of outdoor advertising. Not only does DOOH offer more possibilities and scope but also is more effectual in terms of brand impressions. With digital screens, the advertisers can program the broadcast of their ads as per their requirements. So, DOOH has both the benefits of reaching out to a wider audience and of generating more result-oriented outcomes.

How to have an effective OOH marketing approach?

However, one needs to have a well-rounded approach to plan an efficient outdoor brand campaign. You need to make sure that you even out your chances well. You should never invest all your funds and resources on a sole advertising option. To have a well-balanced outdoor brand campaign, you can adopt the following steps:

Geo Targeting: 

The location of the outdoor media is crucial. To create the maximum hue and cry about your brand, the placing of the advertisements need to be specially taken care of. This is why malls, the city square, major railway stations, bus stands, etc. become the most preferred spots for outdoor branding. You can have the largest billboard in the city but not create ample brand response if the location of the placement is misjudged. Along with the position of placement, the angle and height of the ads are also important. The ad should always have an unobstructed view for the audience. Therefore, the choice of the location of media options should always be strategic.

Targeting your niche:

To reap the maximum benefits of outdoor advertising, understanding the target audience is pivotal. If you are selling a luxury item and are adopting a wide audience approach, your branding idea may fall flat. The values and goals of the brand have to be congruent with the demographics of people. In addition to the demographics, the general temperament of your audience needs to be monitored too. For example, weighing the buying patterns, values, and opinions of the people in a specific region is the key to successful brand launch.

Minimal use of resources:

Whether you are a multinational company or a start-up, the knowledge of the best use of resources during an ad campaign saves the day. If your team fails to put up a powerful campaign, the whole idea may fall flat. Thus whether you want to outsource the entire process of brand advertising or just want to hire people to help you with the ad placements, evaluation of the strengths of your team will result in a better branding drive. Besides this, the timing of the branding should also be thought out well.

Effective Projects For OOH Campaigns:

  • Exhibitions
  • Tradeshows
  • Digital Signs
  • Digital Print Boards / Hoardings
  • Marketing Booths
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Branded Fabrication Structures

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