Branding 101: The Best Way To Grab the Audience’s Attention During This Financial Slowdown

Want to spruce up your brand messaging while your team is working from home? Look no further than an explainer video! It is one of the most powerful ways to inform your target audience about your company’s offerings, its mission as well as the problems it claims to solve for them. 

Instead of spending hours over a PPT with loads of text that no one will actually be interested in, tightly packing all your ideas into a 90-second animated video is what will actually help to gain the average customer’s attention! 

Of course, the style and form can be tweaked to reflect the tone of your brand. The ones that work and garner thousands of views have a quirky combination of infographics, text, and animated characters/objects. These videos can then be leveraged to enhance brand recall by sharing them across social media channels as well as on your website.

Interested in creating an animated explainer video? You should know the steps involved in making one from scratch. But don’t worry; we are here to help out: 



This is where you have to lay down the specific purpose of the video. Is it being made to retain your present customers? Or is it to get new ones? Are you making a video to showcase a new product? These are the questions that will essentially dictate the entire scope of the project at hand. Using the data, you can move on to the scripting part of the process. 


While you can write the narration script yourself, hiring writers for the process is also a good idea as they have a better sense of what works and what does not. It is here that the narrative style and tone will be ascertained, based on what the video actually intends to achieve. For instance, if it is unveiling a new product, then it will probably sound excited and make the most out of the surprise element. Remember, you have to make it entertaining and engaging! 


Now, it’s the time of the creative designers to work their magic using the script shared by you. They will ensure that the flow is maintained while creating characters that actually appeal to the target demographic. 

This is just one of the ways through which you can revitalize your brand’s identity during these unprecedented times. Looking for more such innovative brand strategies in Dubai, UAE to reach your target audience and scale your business? Then Creative Clay is here to help you out with its 360-degree branding services in UAE. Get in touch with our experts today!

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